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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on your repair services?  

Our workmanship is guaranteed against defects for 1 year and unlimited km or the extent of the remaining factory warranty, whichever is longer. For example, if your vehicle still has 35 months or 8,0000 km remaining on your factory warranty at the time we perform repairs, then our work is guaranteed for 35 months, or 8,0000 kms (whichever comes first). If the car is out of factory warranty at the time of the repair, then we'll still offer a 1 year, unlimited km warranty. Having your Mercedes-Benz repaired with us will not void your warranty.

What kind of replacement parts will you put in my car?  

We only install new original Mercedes-Benz replacement parts. Available on request, we will work with reconditioned/used parts.

What do I drive while my car is under repair?  

We can arrange a rental vehicle to be delivered to your home, office, or to you while you wait at our shop. Cost coverage ("loss of use") for this is available from your insurance company for a small premium, and is well worth the expense. Make sure to check with your insurance to ensure you have coverage.

My insurance company wants me to go to their shop…

It is your right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice, some insurance companies will influence you to go to a shop that agrees to discount repairs. Lower costs are great, but more often than not the repair quality is also bad. The "recommended shop" may also lack dedicated Mercedes-Benz equipment and training. At our repair centre, we have long-standing agreements in place with many insurance companies to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz will get the proper parts and repair techniques required to restore it to pre-accident condition.

What if my frame is bent? Will the car be the same?  

Mercedes-Benz passenger cars do not have a conventional "frame." They're built with a "unitized structure" that incorporates the frame into the body of the vehicle, resulting in a stronger and lighter weight capsule that is one of the many passive safety features in the cars. We have on site two Celette dedicated jig frame benches (supplied by Mercedes-Benz) to check and correct any deviation in the structural body and restore it to factory specifications. The fixtures on these benches are individual to the various Mercedes-Benz models and are extremely accurate.

How soon after repainting can I wash my car?  

It is safe to hand wash your car immediately (after all, we do) after repairs. You should wait at least one week in summer and two weeks in winter prior to going through a "touchless" or "soft cloth" automatic wash. Avoid car washes with rotating brushes. Most car washes today are "touchless" or "soft cloth," "brush" type car washes are very rare now, as they tend to scuff the finish regardless of whether it is fresh or not.

Do the parts have to come from Germany?  

Most of the current model body parts are stocked in the Mercedes-Benz warehouse in Mississauga and are available overnight at our location. Some slow-moving parts may have to come from Germany. As we are a Mercedes-Benz service dealer, we have a computerized parts catalog and online ordering system which is capable of searching other dealers before we order from Germany. Special orders from Germany, if required, usually arrive in 6-10 days, depending on Canadian Customs.

I want to change the colour of my car…  

Changing the colour of a car is much more involved than an exterior-only repaint. In order to repaint all the areas that bear the original colour (engine compartment, trunk, door hinge posts and jambs), the hood, trunk lid, doors and sometimes the engine, need to be removed for proper access to clean, sand and prime the areas. Our shop will get the job done for you with excellent long-term results. Keep in mind the cost will almost double that of an exterior same-colour repaint. There is no quick-fix!

How do I take care of the paint finish?  

The paint finish applied at the factory is excellent and can easily last 10 years or more with minimal care. Our Mercedes-Benz dealers carry a complete line of car-care products, including interior cleaners and protectants, car wash soap, polishes, and waxes. These products have been specially formulated for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and can be purchased in a kit or individually; from our Autobody centre or at any Mercedes-Benz parts department.

What about no-wax coatings or "lifetime wax"?  

At Kennedy MB Autobody, we believe that no one-time application can match a regular application of cleaner/polish and a quality wax application.

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